More News on Cleveland Vacant House Explosion


February 20, 2010 by Baltimore Slumlord Watch

This story has more twists and turns than an old country road.  You can read our first and second posts about the story if you haven’t been following the story.

As it turns out, the “innocent next door neighbor” Bill Calderwood, whose home was demolished as a result of the vacant house explosion…wasn’t so innocent, according to a grand jury.  Bill Calderwood, who was earlier quoted as saying “I’ve been complaining to the city about this place ever since someone broke in the place in June and stole copper wiring and pipes. In fact, I called the gas company Friday because I smelled gas — and now this” was indicted by a grand jury on 73 charges, including burglary and 72 counts of aggravated arson.  Calderwood was previously convicted of arson in Michigan, where he lived prior to moving to Cleveland, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

A lawsuit has been filed against EZ Access Funding, the owner of the vacant home, along with Dominion East Ohio Gas Company.

Stay tuned for more of this story — it’s going to be a long bumpy, slummy ride, I think.  And yet another example of why vacant derelict houses are health and safety hazards.

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2 thoughts on “More News on Cleveland Vacant House Explosion

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