701 W Lafayette Avenue: An Example of Systemic Abuse and Sheer Greed


December 3, 2012 by Baltimore Slumlord Watch

Property Address:  701 W Lafayette Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217

Property Owner:  701 Lafayette, LLC, 3431 Wabash Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215 (Charter has been forfeited, company is not in good standing.)

Resident Agent for 701 Lafayette, LLC:  Harris and Folick, Inc., 2442 Eutaw Place, Baltimore, MD 21217.  (Resident agent’s charter has also been forfeited, corporation is not in good standing).

City Council District and Contact: District 11, William Cole

State Senator:  Verna Jones Rodwell

State Delegates:  Keith Haynes, Keiffer Mitchell Jr, Melvin Stukes

701 W Lafayette Avenue

701 W Lafayette Avenue

I found an archived article that appeared in the October 17, 1942 edition of The Afro American with the headline “Family of 9 Living in 1 Room Typical of Housing Conditions” – the article details the deplorable living conditions of people in a tenement building right here in Baltimore, and the slumlord owner?  The above-mentioned Harris and Folick, Inc.

Folks, this article is from 1942.  NINETEEN FORTY-TWO.  Nothing has changed in 60 years, other than the fact that (hopefully) Harris and Folick have finally gone out of business, (hopefully) never to return.  The fact that they were allowed to stay in business this long, and enjoy the financial benefit from owning blighted slum property makes me wonder how many more are out there, waiting to be found.

If this property and its owner doesn’t serve as a perfect example of the systemic destruction of Baltimore City’s housing stock, nothing will.  I am hoping you, my reader, have the same chills running up your spine that I have right now.

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6 thoughts on “701 W Lafayette Avenue: An Example of Systemic Abuse and Sheer Greed

  1. Reese says:

    It would be interesting to know if this dwelling has been inhabited since 1942. If the company has forfeited its charter, perhaps due to bankruptcy, could it be possible the city of Baltimore now own this property? I find that these companies reinvent themselves un der new charters. There is no law prohibiting this LLC from sprouting up again under a different name. I’ve seen this property and I can’t remember a time when it didn’t look like this.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch says:

      No, the city doesn’t own it — the LLC still owns it. The house has a really interesting history, which I’m researching now.

  2. 1942! I literally gasped. I really hope that in, say, 2030 you’re not reporting on a company that has been so negligent since, say, 2000. Lets do something about this NOW.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch says:

      I literally had to stop writing this and walk away from my laptop, not once, but twice — I was so angry. Yet again I’ve stumbled on a family that has reaped the benefits of slumlording for decades — it’s just not a famous name like a few others.

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