A Grand Apartment Building Falls Into Ruin: 1217 E Preston Street


January 21, 2013 by Baltimore Slumlord Watch

Property Address:  1217 E Preston Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

Property Owner:  Breckenridge Enterprises, Inc., 4607 Haddon Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21207 (corporate charter has been forfeited, not in good standing.)

Resident Agent for Breckenridge Enterprises, Inc:  Darnetta Anderson, same address.

City Council District and Contact:  District 12, Carl Stokes

State Senator:  Verna Jones Rodwell

State Delegates:  Keith Haynes, Keiffer Mitchell Jr, Melvin Stukes

1217 E Preston Street

1217 E Preston Street

This building is currently being foreclosed on by Rev PS, LLC, a shell company with Charles “Bud” Runkles, a close associate of Stanley Rochkind, as the resident agent.  The office address listed with the court is a Mailboxes, Etc. on Reisterstown Road in Pikesville.  The company’s address in their LLC filing is Stanley’s address on Park Heights Avenue.  I guess when you’re the defendant in hundreds of lead paint lawsuits every year, it’s good to switch addresses every now and again.

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3 thoughts on “A Grand Apartment Building Falls Into Ruin: 1217 E Preston Street

  1. […] This property is being foreclosed on by another of Stanley Rochkind’s entities — this time it’s Rev-PS, LLC, which is also foreclosing on another property we wrote about recently. […]

  2. N Bmore boy says:

    I’m new here can you give me some history on the building, it’s presently owned by who? And it’s reverting into Stanley’s ownership?

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch says:

      The property is currently owned by a seemlingly-defunct company called Breckenridge Enterprises. Stanley, through his LLC, has filed in court to on the property. If successful, yes, the property will be under Stanley Rochkind’s ownership.

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