Trust. It Can Be a Tricky Thing.

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February 26, 2014 by Baltimore Slumlord Watch

Folks, it’s been brought to my attention that perhaps I overstepped when I wrote a post regarding the home that exploded/caught fire on N Lakewood Avenue last week.

I would like to apologise to anyone who was upset or offended by the post (which I have since removed), including the owner of the property.

When I first started this project, my rule was to verify everything and then verify it again.  If I didn’t see something with my own eyes, it didn’t exist.  That way, if I made a mistake, it was mine and mine alone.  It was also a way to prevent getting caught in the middle of petty disputes between neighbors or landlords and tenants…you know, the “he said-she said” stuff that happens in life.  As the project grew, it became more difficult to verify — so I had and still have, trusted sources of information.  Obviously I now have to go back to my original rule, or stick with sources that have been proven trustworthy over the past five years.

And yes, I will admit — I rushed to write that post, and I shouldn’t have.  Once in a while, the mom part of me loses sight of the bigger picture — when a child is seriously injured or hurt, the mom in me is outraged — perhaps to the point where good judgement goes out the window, as I think it did in this case.

Again, I would like to apologise for any ill feelings I may have caused with this post — and I would also like to sincerely thank the folks who let me know how they felt about it — even the really negative comments are still worth taking in and mulling over, and I do appreciate you’re being willing to take time out of your day and say “Lady, what the EFF are you doing???”

Thank you for your understanding — and know that I have taken measures to prevent something like this from happening again.  And as always, your comments and thoughts are appreciated.

Carol Ott

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