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  1. Rent Court Workshops

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    November 12, 2012 by Baltimore Slumlord Watch

    Recent changes have been made to Maryland law regarding lead paint certificates, and landlord licensing and evictions.  Two workshops will …
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  2. Another Tool to Fight Against Blight


    October 1, 2012 by Baltimore Slumlord Watch

    From the Community Law Center: Owners of abandoned properties in Baltimore City should start bringing their properties up to code, …
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  3. Link Roundup


    January 7, 2012 by Baltimore Slumlord Watch

    It will be interesting to see how much money is earned on the auction of Baltimore Housing Authority property.  Glad …
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  4. Everyone Has One…


    May 12, 2011 by Baltimore Slumlord Watch

    Just like the crazy uncle everyone shuns at family gatherings…every neighborhood has “that house”.  The one with people coming and …
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  5. Legislative Wins and Losses

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    April 22, 2011 by Baltimore Slumlord Watch

    Better late than never — here are the bills we were watching in the 2011 legislative session, and what happened …
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  6. News and Link Roundup

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    April 5, 2010 by Baltimore Slumlord Watch

    I came across this link from photographer Kevin Bauman and wanted to share it with our readers — 100 Abandoned …
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  7. Tenants’ Rights and Foreclosure


    December 18, 2009 by Baltimore Slumlord Watch

    Did you know that as a tenant, you have rights when your home is being foreclosed on, regardless of your …
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