House Fire Feb. 16, 2009

Acting on a news snippet we read on the ABC 2 News website, we decided to look further into the matter and found an interesting back story on the owner of the house.  According to Channel 2, the fire started around 4 AM today, and was a two-alarm fire.  So far, investigators have no leads as to the cause of the fire. The report also stated that the house was undergoing renovation at the time of the fire.  Building permit COM2009-01468 was issued on the property this month for kitchen cabinet replacement, carpet, ceramic flooring, and the replacement of two exterior back doors.

The property address is 311 S. Augusta Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21229, in the Irvington neighborhood off Frederick Avenue.  The property owner is Marc G. Wright, of 22 Mainview Court, Randallstown, MD 21133.  Normally, a house fire wouldn’t grab much of our attention, as we don’t report issues unless they have a connection to a negligent property owner.  However, when we checked into Mr. Wright’s background, an interesting pattern began to emerge — multiple foreclosure (Baltimore City 24C05011752, 24O04002821, 24O05000291) and criminal cases, including one active warrant for theft (6B01999262, Baltimore City District Court).  As usual, we will leave it to you to draw your own conclusion.

In addition to 311 S. Augusta Avenue, Mr. Wright also owns two other properties in Baltimore City:  2528 E. Eager Street, and 3421 Paton Avenue.

This property is located in the 8th City Council District, and the City Councilwoman for that district is Helen Holton.

Here are photos we took this afternoon of the burned house:

311 S. Augusta Avenue

311 S. Augusta Avenue

Fire damage to house next door to 311

Fire damage to house next door to 311

Rear of 311 S. Augusta Avenue

Rear of 311 S. Augusta Avenue


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