757 Carroll Street and 701 Washington Boulevard, Revisited

We’re going to revisit some of the properties featured in this blog over the past month and see what’s happened recently.  So far, sad to say, most of them are in the same shape or worse than when they were featured here.  Others have been slightly improved, we suspect this is due to the city inspections and not due to a sudden attack of conscience on the part of the property owners.  Wethinks some of them doth protest too much, to badly quote Shakespeare.

First we’ll start with 757 Carroll Street.  You may remember this property as the one with the broken water pipe that was previously flooding its neighbor’s basement.  The water is gone, and the city condemned the house.  Unfortunately, that’s all.  The rear of the property is still a mess, the basement window is still unsecured, and we fail to understand why the city couldn’t board up the window properly when they tacked the condemnation sign on the front door.

See for yourselves:

unsecured basement window at 757 carroll street, 21230

unsecured basement window at 757 carroll street, 21230

rear of 757 carroll street, 21230

rear of 757 carroll street, 21230

Unfortunately, we couldn’t take photos of 701 Washington Boulevard today, although we did walk by all sides.  The homeless camp we wrote about back in January is still there, as is the trash on the W. Barre Street side of the Sav-A-Lot.  In other words, despite Dr.Mumtaz’s protestations to the contrary, the owners have done absolutely nothing to rectify the situation, which is (unfortunately) exactly what we expected.  The property has been in disrepair for quite some time, and the owners have refused to accept any responsibility for its current state.  We hope the next time we revisit this address, things will look a little better.



  1. anon.e.mouse

    The shopping center is such a nightmare. There’s a mentally ill homeless woman living in the bushes with her dog, a brindle mix. He seems quite aggressive and he’s got him tied up with a piece of string. I walk my dog by there every morning and afternoon, but have not had to change my route due to both her and the dog’s aggression. I am sympathetic to her wanting to keep her dog with her, but I am not at all confident in her ability to control it and not at all sure that it won’t attack.

    • slumlordwatch

      I actually know who you’re talking about — she’s lived in the neighborhood for years, with her mother. I don’t know what happened recently, but I don’t think she was homeless this time last year.

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