1135-1137 Nanticoke Street: Revisited

We first came across this property while checking on another one.  It’s been in this condition for three years now, and even though it’s been reported several times to the city, as of February 22nd, it’s still a danger to the neighbors, as evidenced by these photos:

Rear of 1135 and 1137 Nanticoke Street

Rear of 1135 and 1137 Nanticoke Street

Closeup of open trash pit at 1135 and 1137 Nanticoke Street

Closeup of open trash pit at 1135 and 1137 Nanticoke Street

The open pit in the rear of these facades is quickly turning into a neighborhood garbage dump.  The original trash that we reported on the edge of the property was removed after several neighbors filed online 311 complaints.  However, instead of illegally dumping at the edge of the property, now trash is being dumped further from the alley.  This property needs to be fenced immediately, and the facades need to be torn down before they collapse on an unsuspecting pedestrian.



  1. Luke


    I’m wondering if you know of any canonical academic work on Urban blight / renewal. I noticed you talked about the ‘broken window’ theory, which is a standard economics argument. Let’s say we want to know about the science of urban decline: where should I start?


    • slumlordwatch

      I’ve found some really interesting articles in “Regional Science & Urban Economics”, and also the Urban Institute does a good job of publishing their research, including the methodologies. Their databases are good sources of information. “Growth and Change” is another journal you might want to look at — hopefully you’re a student and able to access these journals for free, because the subscription prices are high. Google Scholar (scholar.google.com) would probably give you abstracts of useful articles — it’s improving, but we’ve been able to find some excellent resources here. Some of the articles and working papers are offered for free as PDF files — hopefully they’ll add more as the database grows.

      Hope this helps with your search!

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