1003 S. Carey Street: Revisited

Looking back at our post on 1003 S. Carey Street from a month ago, it seems as though Stanley Rochkind and Jack Novograd are up to their old tricks.  Substantial demolition inside and out has been done, and without a permit.  The current permit open on this property is for cosmetic items only (see COM2009-01608).  Update: Finally, the Housing Dept. found the demolition permit for this property: COM2009-03548 is a valid permit number. However, it is for INTERIOR demolition only.  As you can see by the photos, exterior demolition has been done.

Rear of 1003 S. Carey Street

Rear of 1003 S. Carey Street



  1. Stanley Rochkind

    It must take a lot of courage to stand and make derogatory statements about people and not tell them who you are, or ask for an explanation of what’s happening. You forgot to state that the property was cleaned up and renovations were beginning. The contractor is the best out there and ran into difficulties, that were created by others years ago. It might interest you to note that there was a permit for demolition. The number is COM2009-03548. This just goes to show you that you can’t believe everything you read (or don’t. I understand that this permit is not yet on the City’s system, but it was gotten 2/17/09, before work began). I would greatly appreciate your discontinuing writing false statements about me. If you have a problem, simply contact me and we will most likely be able to resolve things quickly.

    • slumlordwatch

      Mr. Rochkind, look at the photos in the entry and please define “cleaned up”. As for your demolition permit, a quick call to the Office of Permits & Building Inspections revealed nothing. Nobody could find a permit for demolition at that address, and the permit number you supplied is invalid.

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