418 Federal Street

Property address:  418 Federal Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

Property owner:  Vernon Alt, 159 Clyde Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21227

City Council District and contact:  12th District, Jack Young

Interesting to note, this property was part of a ground rent lawsuit brought against Mr. Alt by Fred Nochumowitz, one of the people featured in the Baltimore Sun’s ground rent series, and in our follow-up to the ground rent series.

Apparently neither Mr. Alt or Mr. Nochumowitz are interested in the property, as evidenced by its current blighted state.

418 Federal Street, rear

418 Federal Street, rear




    Do you know what a slum lord is? Have you gone to the property to see if its occupied? As a real estate investor I can tell you that sometimes you buy a property and then soemthing comes up in one of your OCCUPIED properties and you get that fixed so you dont have to worry about being called a slum lord.


    • slumlordwatch

      Yes, Erik, we are well acquainted with the definition of “slumlord”. However, the properties we feature on this blog have been owned for well over a year — most for several years. That’s plenty of time for the owner to address any problems with these homes — broken windows, doors, trash, toxic lead paint, etc. If in a three-year period you don’t have time to replace a missing door or window — perhaps you need to find another line of work.

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