8 N. Ellwood Avenue

Property address:  8 N. Ellwood Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21224

Property owner:  David & Deen Rotz, 5500 Cynthia Terrace, Baltimore, MD 21206

City Council District and contact:  District 1, Jim Kraft

8 N. Ellwood Avenue

8 N. Ellwood Avenue

This property owner has a court date of June the 16th — contact Jim Kraft and let him know that the house has been vacant for well over a year, and the condition has deteriorated in that time. There is a broken window on the second floor, and it’s an eyesore on an otherwise decent block.center



  1. PPNA

    Thanks for giving attention to this house. It also sits across the alley from the “Envirowhomes” that the PPCDC built before they went into bankruptcy. There’s no reason why this house should be allowed to sit vacant.

    • slumlordwatch

      So that explains the nice homes on the right-hand side of the alley. I wondered about those, especially when I was behind 8 N. Ellwood. Felt sorry for whoever had to deal with that “view”.

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