156 N. Decker Avenue

Property address:  156 N. Decker Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21224

Property owner:  Walter & Patricia Johnson, 6910B Windsor Mill Road, Baltimore, MD 21207

City Council District and contact:  District 1, James Kraft

On the surface, this property doesn’t look that bad, beyond the fact that it’s boarded up and vacant.  However, according to a neighbor, this has become a nuisance property — attracting drug addicts who hide in the rear yard.

We have had dumping in the past and have had 311 and a volunteer group out to clean it up twice. We frequently [see] drug users hanging out by the back door and shooting up.  There are definitely needles in the “yard” and I often kick people out of there.  [Kids] hang out on the steps constantly.  It’s been vacant as long as I’ve lived here (3 years).

Again, this illustrates the underlying problem with boarded-up homes, especially the ones owned by absentee investors.  Their properties end up being everyone else’s problem — between trash and crime — it’s an unacceptable situation, one that the City could fix, simply by enforcing the laws and making the penalties tougher.

156 N. Decker Avenue

156 N. Decker Avenue

Rear of 156 N. Decker Avenue

Rear of 156 N. Decker Avenue


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