1209 Washington Boulevard

Property address:  1209 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21230

Property owner:  Joseph D. Giusto, II, P.O. Box 104 Linthicum, MD 21090

City Council district and contact:  Agnes Welch, District 9

Located on block with other boarded-up homes, this one seems to blend right in with its landscape in Washington Village.  It’s unfortunate that this block can’t seem to get a head start when it comes to combatting blight and trash.  This part of Washington Boulevard also seems to be quite a haven for drugs and prostitution.

1209 Washington Boulevard Front

1209 Washington Boulevard Front

1209 Washington Boulevard Rear

1209 Washington Boulevard Rear



  1. Washington Village Resident

    This is indeed one of the worst blocks of Washington Boulevard when it comes to blighted buildings, trash, and throngs of folks that I am quite sure aren’t selling Girl Scout Cookies.

    As a resident I have submitted a complaint to Agnes Welch’s office regarding another blighted property but thus far have received no follow up although an “investigation” was promised. As pointed out by your blog in the past, Agnes Welch’s district contains a disproportionate number of blighted homes owned by slumlords when compared to Bill Cole’s or Ed Reisinger’s districts (all within Washington Village).

    This brings up another point: why is Washington Village split up into 3 districts? More red tape and bureacracy to wade through when trying to hold these slumlords accountable.

    • slumlordwatch

      Unfortunately we hear stories like yours all too often about the 9th District. It’s unfortunate that someone who seemingly cares very little for her constituents continues to be elected. Someone credible needs to run against her…and soon.

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