1003 and 1005 S. Carey Street, Revisited…Again.

Property address:  1003 and 1005 S. Carey Street, Baltimore, MD 21223

Property owner:  1005 South Carey Street, LLC, 17 Warren Road, Baltimore, MD 21208 and 1003 S Carey St, LLC, P.O. Box 32118, Baltimore, MD 21282

Registered agent for both shell corporations:  Jack Novograd, 5616 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215

City Council District Contact: 9th District, Agnes Welch

We’ve written about these two homes so many times, as they’re both owned by shell companies controlled by Stanley Rochkind.  We have to wonder what kind of message the city is sending to this neighborhood, with their lack of action against the property owner.  We’ve been writing about these two houses since February of this year — and a few of the neighbors have filed multiple complaints. Yet here the properties are in their current state.  We wonder if Baltimore City is capable of doing any better than this.

Currently both homes have STOP WORK orders attached to them — and both homes are in terrible disrepair, and open to vagrants.  The windows and doors are broken — 1003 is completely open in the rear of the property, and has no roof.  The front door to 1005 has been off its hinges for at least two months, if not more.

Front door of 1003 S. Carey Street with STOP WORK order.

Front door of 1003 S. Carey Street with STOP WORK order.

Broken window on 1003 - note there is no roof or rear wall visible from the window.

Broken window on 1003 - note there is no roof or rear wall visible from the window.

Front door of 1005 S. Carey Street - property has been open to vagrants for months.

Front door of 1005 S. Carey Street - property has been open to vagrants for months.



  1. Bob Craney

    My company owns the house at 1007 s carey st. We completed our renovation of the property more than 6 months ago and had numerous problems with the houses at 1005 and 1003 s carey. We have made numerous complaints about the trash in the yards and the work being done without permits. To add insult to injury we made a call to 311 about trash from the work being done at 1005 and being dumped in the alley behind our home and later received a code violation for the very same building material trash from code enforcement. We have spent a considerable amount and have a very nice property but have not had but 2 showings in 6 months I’m sure in no small part to the eyesore next door and the stop work order and general overall vacant appearance of the houses at 1005 and 1003. I have no hope that the city will follow through on their threats against the owners of 1005 and 1003 s carey because its in their intereest to keep collecting fines from violations. I’m at the end of my rope

    • slumlordwatch

      Unfortunately, this is typical of the way Stanley Rochkind operates. Maybe he was hoping to get your house, too — who knows? Keep calling the city — have you called the Housing Dept.? There’s a Legal Section — the person who handles your district is Seth Greer. Put pressure on him, and see what happens.

  2. Jeff

    Has anyone contacted the Council person for this district? It seems that Ms. Welch could care less. I am just curious.

    • slumlordwatch

      Not only have we contacted Ms. Welch, we also emailed the Dept. of Housing’s enforcement office. Neighbors have also sent in their complaints, along with Mr. Craney, the person who owns 1007.

      • Jeff

        I figured people had contacted her, I just wonder if she listens.

        She should come visit the pigtown festival, let the neighborhood residents meet her and let her see what kind of neighborhood she is allowing to happen.

      • slumlordwatch

        Actually, Agnes Welch is responsible for very little of Washington Village. The 9th District is a small part of the neighborhood, mostly to the far west. Most of the neighborhood belongs to the 10th and 11th Districts. If you go here, you can see a Google Map created by a fellow blogger, and you can zoom to see what part of the neighborhood is covered by which district.

        With that said, however, the 9th District is a mess, overall. Her lack of responsiveness has been pretty disappointing — not just to us, but to so many of her constituents.

      • Jeff

        Thanks! That is a great resource. We have some houses around hamburg / cross st that need addressing, so this will help

      • slumlordwatch

        You’re very welcome. That map is actually going to be part of a map mashup I’ve been working on…if I can ever finish it. :)

  3. Stanley Rochkind

    Below is a letter which we are sending to Councilwoman Welch:
    Dear Councilwoman Welch:
    We have gotten permits on the above properties. The City Inspector came out and said they want a higher type permit and drawings. This has held us up from renovating the property. We are not getting the cooperation that we need to be able to do what is necessary. Could you please call me so we can make arrangements as to how to proceed in this urgent situation?

    • slumlordwatch

      I think Stanley needs a new contractor. Anyone who doesn’t understand the permit process shouldn’t be a contractor. That’s our free advice for the day.

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