Biddle Street Fire Sale!

Apparently one Baltimore “investor” has given up on the 1500 block of Biddle Street, and is selling off his properties, as evidenced by the notices spray painted on the boarded up doorways of three properties we saw yesterday.

All three are in the 1500 block, and all three are owned by Group One Financial Holdings, LLC / Leonidas Newton.  Mr. Newton is your typical Baltimore “investor” — lead paint violations, a bunch of foreclosures, a few injunctions…your slumlord same-old same-old. We do hope someone buys these homes so they can be lived in — anything to ease the blight in this East Baltimore neighborhood.

1508 E. Biddle Street

1508 E. Biddle Street

1520 E. Biddle

1520 E. Biddle

Multi-unit on E. Biddle

Multi-unit on E. Biddle



  1. Evan

    yeah i recognize it pretty well. i was mostly joking but the dream of buying an end unit and the adjacent house for practically nothing and fusing them is still very much alive in my head. seems like the only place you could actually pull it off is a mostly sketchy/abandoned area :(

    • slumlordwatch

      I’ve wanted a “double house” ever since moving to Baltimore, but you’re right — it would probably only be feasible in a sketchy or abandoned area.

  2. TruthSeeker

    You might want to check your facts before you drag a man’s name through the mud. The Real Property records show no evidence that a Mr. Newton has anything to do with “Group One Financial Holdings” on this block.

    • slumlordwatch

      Group One Financial Holdings LLC resides in a building owned by Lanpa, LLC, which is in turn owned by Leonidas G. Newton. The resident agent for Group One Financial Holdings, LLC is Carol M. Scruggs, Group One’s address is 543 Sanford Place, Baltimore, MD 21217.

      In 2006, Lanpa, LLC filed to forclose on 543 Sanford Place, the resident agent for Lanpa LLC is Leonidas G. Newton. Unfortunately for Mr. Newton, his attempts at having “clean hands” through a daisy chain of shell LLCs hasn’t worked very well.

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