1272 Washington Boulevard: Update

We originally wrote about this property in July of this year — you can read the original post here.

The owners were hauled into housing court, and were issued the following order and deadlines:

11/27/2009    Pay $200 civil fine to DHCD.
12/11/2009    Clean & secure property. Maintain clean & secure.
02/28/2010    If razing property, raze property.
03/30/2010    Complete all substantial rehab of property.
04/30/2010    Obtain U & O permit or transfer property.
11/29/2010    Register all non-owner occupied properties.

Hopefully the owners will comply with the order, and either clean up their vacant house — or tear it down.  The last thing Baltimore needs is yet another eyesore.



  1. Mr. Mephistopheles

    You might also want to post the name of the city’s housing enforcement attorney so that we can ensure that he forces the landlord to adhere to the deadlines. I can cite numerous examples where our attorney gave a slumlord a deadline to “rehab or convey” by a specific date only to grant another six month extension after the slumlord gavbe him a sob story or convinced him that he’s THIS CLOSE to obtaining a rehab loan.

    Who knows? Maybe the attorney who represents your area actually does his job.

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