The Property that Fired the First Shot: 701 Washington Boulevard

We originally reported on this property in January of 2009.  In fact, it was the first property we wrote about, and the property that gave us the idea for the blog.  It was a mess — a haven for derelicts, full of trash and overgrown shrubbery, and a general eyesore if you were sitting at the intersection of MLK and Washington Boulevard.  It’s still vacant, but at least the property owner has maintained the minimum standard of cleanliness — and we’re considering this a “win”.

You can see what the property looked like a year ago here, here, and here.  You can also read the property owner’s response to our efforts here.  Needless to say, he wasn’t happy to find himself on the internet.

Here’s what the property looks like today:

701 Washington Boulevard, January 18, 2010

Side of 701 Washington Boulevard remains free of trash.

Rear of 701 Washington Boulevard, formerly a homeless camp.



  1. Rick Thurmond

    I found this on line and was curious about date. I was at location this morning and it doesn’t look like this. Update needed?

    • slumlordwatch

      You’re absolutely right — an update is needed on quite a few of our “older” entries. I’m working on a few now for a year-end wrap up, and I’ll be sure to include this one.

      Things have gotten better at that property, and we need to highlight that.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

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