533 S. Chester Street

Property Address:  533 S. Chester Street, Baltimore, MD 21231

Property Owner:  Victoria Wright, same address

Baltimore City Council District and Contact:  District 1, Jim Kraft

This home was recently purchased by One West Bank in a foreclosure sale.  One West is the parent company of one of the major players in the bank meltdown, IndyMac Bank.  Many thanks to a reader for the heads up on this Canton eyesore!



    • slumlordwatch

      I think it’s a fantastic idea. Why not tax them? They’re an additional burden on city services — just ask any cop in Baltimore City — and the owners should pay their fair share. Not only that, they should be held accountable for the burden on the immediate neighbors and the surrounding communities. Not just in Baltimore, but in every city. Nobody should be forced to live with vacant blighted homes in their neighborhood, and if jacking up the tax on them will help to either force slumlords to pay for their burden or allow the city to take the homes in a tax sale — it’s a great idea!

      However, I feel the need to clarify something. Jack Young is not proposing a tax, he’s proposing a different idea — property registration and accompanying fees. You can click here to read the announcement (link opens a PDF).

  1. Pete from Highlandtown

    At least its boarded up now. I walked by that house a few monthes back and the front door was wide open and it looked like squaters were living there.

  2. Joe

    I’m happy to report that this house is now being re-habbed. A construction crew has been working on it for a couple of weeks now.

    Good work, Slum Lord Watch!

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