816 Carroll Street

Property address:  816 Carroll Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

Property owner:  DP South, LLC, 1118 Leadenhall Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

Registered agent for DP South:  Deangela S. Little, 583 Windsong Drive, Aberdeen, MD 21001 (UPDATED INFORMATION)

Baltimore City Council District and contact:  District 11, William Cole

Currently, DP South 25’s residence/office at 1118 Leadenhall Street is being foreclosed on.  Let’s hope this eyesore finds a better owner, too:

816 Carroll Street



  1. Stephen

    How does one get in contact with you or this website? Maybe it’s there and I’m just not seeing the information because I’ve been up for over 36 hours now.

    Anyway, it looks like no one lives in a lot of these properties and they may already be condemned.

    Maybe the owners have no money to fix the places up.

    Maybe they just can’t get tennants.

    Maybe no one wants to buy so the landlord can’t sell either.

    Maybe the tenants they do get just destroy the place (that’s what happens when people rent using taxpayer money and don’t care about their dwelling).

    Maybe no one wants to live there because people drove out all the people who could afford to leave and go to greener (safer) pastures.

    Is it really fair to blame the property owners and put their names up on the web and call them slumlords?

    Anyway, I’m thinking of buying 5 or 6 properties on a block near downtown and fixing them up to livable condition. I just want to generate rental income (I have the money to buy the properties and rent will get me a return on the investment, so why not?) but I don’t want to live there. It’s not safe for my wife…or me. Do you think I’m some kind of bad guy? Would you term me a slumlord too?

    I look forward to your response.

    • slumlordwatch

      Did you even look at the photos on this website? Nobody CAN live there, because there are NO WINDOWS. And most of the homes are uninhabitable. As for the contact info, there’s a CONTACT US link on every page.

      As for your situation, as long as you follow the law and don’t let the houses deteriorate, and don’t force your tenants to live with lead paint, fire hazards, and other unsafe conditions — you won’t end up on the blog.

      • Stephen

        They can’t sell because it’s so bad and they don’t have the money to fix it up because no one will rent it. No one will rent it because it’s in such bad condition. Sounds like a vicious threeway cycle, perhaps a Catch-33 if you will.

        Is it really fair to blame someone with good intentions who just wants to have a little rental income? I WISH Baltimore was a great city, it has so much potential and was a great city prior to the ’70s. It’s been White Flight ever since and almost every city across America knows how that Downward Spiral goes: economic loss, community breakdown, abandonment, physical decay.

        So sad, perhaps we need to take a European model where people LIVE in the cities and play in the country. You won’t see urban sprawl in many countries over there, and where there is it’s been contained as best as possible and could’ve been worse.

      • slumlordwatch

        My guess is the owner did not buy this property sight-unseen, and should have added the costs of renovation to the purchase price when considering whether or not they should buy it. A lot of the properties on the blog have been vacant for years — many of them before the housing market went bust. Frankly, there aren’t a lot of excuses for this kind of shoddy business practice.

    • HJP

      Wish we had a website like this in my town. I have a slumlord’s dwelling right across the street from a house that I have just renovated. If I knew he was going to let his tenants tear the house apart the way they have, and do nothing to change it, I would have left my house fall to the ground when it was hit by a car last year & moved off the foundation! Now Ive put all that money into the house (again…it was just ready to rent or sell prior to the accident)…and I cant even get anyone to rent it now because of the filthy slobs across the street. The landlords response to me was “they pay their rent”. Obviously, he couldnt care less as long as he gets paid. Other neighbors want to move out…I cant get someone to move in to a brand new apartment!

      How do I get a site like this up and running in my town? More & more slumlords are buying up properties to suck them dry!

      • slumlordwatch

        Start a site yourself, if you have the time and determination (and ability to stomach nasty emails from slumlords). Go to wordpress.com and sign up, then start posting! Very easy, and believe me, well worth the time and energy.

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