604 Wyeth Street

Property address:  604 Wyeth Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

Property owner: 604 Wyeth Street, LLC, PO Box 32118, Baltimore, MD 21282

Registered Agent for 604 Wyeth Street, LLC:  Jack Novograd, 5616 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215

City Council District and contact:  11th District, William Cole IV

The subject of multiple lead paint, condemnation, and foreclosure lawsuits, Jack Novograd is also a business partner of one of Baltimore’s most notorious slumlords, Stanley Rochkind.  Hopefully the City will also cite Mr. Novograd for the condition of this property, and fine him accordingly.

604 Wyeth Street, note the missing roof.

604 Wyeth Street, note the missing roof.

Rear of 604 Wyeth Street

Update: Apparently there is some confusion as to Jack Novograd’s role in Stanley Rochkind’s shell LLC corporations.  Mr. Novograd is not simply a “registered agent” but ia fully involved in multiple Rochkind-controlled companies.  He is listed as a “Vice President” of the Rochkind-controlled company N.B.S.



  1. PPNA Matt

    Here’s a math lesson for the dolts at the mayor’s office who killed the slumlord tax proposal:

    Current assessed value of 604 Wyeth St: $52,640
    Annual city tax @ $2.268 per $100 assessed value: $1,194
    Annual city tax @ $10 per $100 AV (DC rate): $5,264

    Pass the damn tax bill, and people like Jack Novograd will go out of business real fast!

    • slumlordwatch

      I’d like to see a REAL housing court, with REAL fines and jail time for repeat offenders. Why should slumlords get off the hook so easily? Let Jack and Stanley spend a week in jail and then a week in one of their slum properties, and fine the hell out of them.

      • Danny

        Dear Mr. Slumlord:
        I am sure you inadvertently forgot to look at the SDAT that shows that this property was owned by W.D.B. Corp. for 2 1/2 years and it was under his total control that the property became that way. The property was purchased in November of 2009 in the condition that it is in now and for which you blame the LLC. Oddly enough, no one else took on the responsibility to fix up the property. It is a big undertaking and will take a lot more time than you think. As usual, in addition to all the mistakes I believe you maliciously make, is that Jack Novograd is not a partner of Stanley Rochkind. That which you see his name on this property is only in the capacity of Resident Agent, which is nothing more than a clerk to receive documents.
        I have spoken with you in the past and offered to have the parties you continue to malign meet with you, show you the tremendous renovations they do and the very affordable prices they resell these houses for. None of them are sold with sub-prime mortgages that have caused these problems. There is no flipping involved. It is impossible to deal with a large inventory that include vacant houses, and blocks that are vacant and the City that has 30,000-40,000 vacancies all at one time. Any problems that you have anywhere with any houses you are welcome to address and we will make every effort to find a solution; however, you have not accepted any of the above opportunities. You continue to choose situations that you believe prove your point and the assumptions and assertions you make are false as to ownership, etc.
        Once again, I offer you the opportunity to immediately meet, put forth your grievances and have any requests that are reasonable made to be properly dealt with. It may deflate your ego to know that the majority of people we deal with are extremely grateful and we would be very happy to introduce you to them and you can have a private conversation with them to verify hat this is true. Hopefully you will make an effort to put aside your vendetta and do something that it is beneficial to everyone.

      • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

        Good to hear! Hopefully it will be appropriately priced so it will sell….to someone who will take care of it.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      It’s really shameful the way property owners are allowed to let their properties fall into disrepair.

  2. Ostrdm

    I own a house on this street as do many of my friends. I know multiple people who have had legitimate interest in buying this property and renovate it. If the current owner is not goi g to be proactive and build out the property then sell it! Make your information available so people can contact you with legitimate offers! I’m tired of seeing this property and especially the damage it has caused to the nice property next to it!

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      My guess is this property is in receivership, or soon will be. Stanley Rochkind seems to be losing quite a few of his properties to the city — if they go into receivership, some will be added to the city’s “Vacants to Value” program.

      The downside to the “V2V” program is the fact that the majority of homes are being purchased by investors, not potential homeowners. And a lot of these investors are no better than the original owners. (Read this post and look for M&S Joint Venture Development Corporation to see what I mean.) It would appear the city is not following its own rules when allowing companies that are not in good standing with the state to purchase these homes.

      • dnadeau

        Do you guys know what is going on with this unit? I saw people shooting drug in the backyard and the brick wall has a hole in it. Trees are about 40 feet high and the place looks like a trash can. If there is a V2V program, I might just buy the place and renovate it. This is the worse unit on Wyeth St.

      • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

        Unfortunately this home is owned by one of Stanley Rochkind’s hundreds of LLC shell companies, so I don’t have a lot of hope for this one. However, it’s a decent candidate for V2V, maybe…so I’ll add it to the suggestion box.

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