300 S. Robinson Street

Property Address:  300 S. Robinson Street, Baltimore, MD 21231

Property Owner:  Isaac Neger, 1726 Reisterstown Road #105, Baltimore, MD 21208 / 4010 W. Strathmore Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215

City Council District and Contact:  District 1, Jim Kraft

300 S. Robinson Street

Side of 300 S. Robinson

Weeds and what appears to be a used condom at the rear of 300 S. Robinson.



    • slumlordwatch

      These photos were taken on the 10th. Three days ago.

      Date Taken: 2010:07:10 14:39:14

      Unless you’ve managed to unboard the windows, complete all necessary repairs and cleanup in a three-day span, why would anyone need new pictures?

      • neighbor

        Because the owner of this property hires drug addicts to do the restoration work and then does not pay them, I am still suffering the consequences of the flood that occurred in the property at 300 in 2008, when those “workers” came back and intentionally cut all the water pipes. I have been trying to contact the owner via telephone AND certified mail since 2008. I have FINALLY just gotten a hold of him (it’s 2011!). Hopefully, he will resolve this before further action is necessary.

      • slumlordwatch

        Did you also file an online 311 complaint for work that may have been done without the proper permits? hiring unlicensed help off the street usually goes hand in hand with not bothering to get permits. Please keep us posted on your progress with this slumlord!

  1. alyson

    This man is a TERRIBLE property owner. After doing $900 worth of damage to my carpeted basement due to his crackhead workers, he STILL refused to pay. He is rude and very un-educated. I am looking into the 311 complaint as well as filing a claim in small claims court. If anyone can help me with this problem, please contact me! This is ridiculous! How can the city allow such LOWLIFE people to own buildings and let them ROT and ruin neighboring houses! Mr. Neger – – YOU ARE A TERRIBLE BUSINESS MAN!!!!!!!!

  2. alyson

    the city is finally doing something about this house! a notice was posted to either fix the property once and for all or the city will arrange to have the house razed.
    hopefully they’ll follow through on this! its about time! this guy is a slumlord jerk!

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      Fantastic — hopefully the city will continue to monitor his properties and eventually drive him out of the city for good.

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