508 Winston Avenue

Property Address:  508 Winston Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21212

Property Owner:  James T. Alexander, et al, same address

City Council District and Contact:  District 4, Bill Henry

508 Winston Avenue

Hopefully the neighbors will keep a close eye on this property, as it went into foreclosure.  Charm City Housing, LLC / Marc Cohen, 1505 Park Avenue #10, Baltimore, MD 21217 has sued to foreclose on the home (Baltimore Circuit Court case number 24C10004284).  Mr. Cohen is an out-of-town “investor” and “developer” with a dubious track record in Baltimore City, according to neighbors of his Washington Village/Pigtown properties and some of the former tenants.  He was accused in 2008 of denying essential services to a tenant (placed on the stet docket).

Update:  Interesting to note that in the “angry lawyer letter” (link opens a PDF) we received through a third party who is not associated with this blog in any way, there is no dispute of the denial of essential services to a tenant.

Update:  Added a link to the Maryland Daily Record public notice of foreclosure.



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  2. Spammy Spamster

    Wow that is quite an angry lawyer letter… It really expresses so much anger…. Basically you chose a random person to rant about and defame. Then called them a Slumlord considering the libel involved I don’t see any anger in the lawyer’s tone?

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      I’m confused — you’re saying my piece was angry? Hardly. Nor did I defame anyone or libel anyone — nice try, though.

  3. Willis Mae price

    872 Carroll another defected home in violation with baltimore city inspections.no repairs completed no running water,rat infested,mold in basement it goes on!!!!Do Not Rent from this man!!!!marc cohen.

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