The Adventures of Stanley and Bud

It would seem that Charles “Bud” Runkles is a busy guy.  In addition to being Stanley Rochkind’s sometime-Resident Agent, he’s also a lead paint abatement contractor. And the address of his business traces back to Stanley Rochkind’s building at 5616 Park Heights Avenue.

Here are some prime examples of Mr. Runkles’ activities in West Baltimore:

Property Addresses  1017 W. Fayette Street, Baltimore, MD 21223, 1021 W. Fayette Street, Baltimore, MD 21223, 105 N. Carrollton Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21223

Property Owner:  BGM Realty #5 Corp., PO Box 32118, Baltimore, MD 21282, BGM Realty #6 Corp., (same address), and BGM Realty #7 Corp. (again, same address as #5 and #6)

Resident Agent for BGM Realty #5 Corp., BGM Realty #6 Corp., and BGM Realty #7 Corp.:  Charles Runkles

City Council District and Contact:  District 9, Agnes Welch

1017 W. Fayette Street

1021 W. Fayette Street

105 N. Carrollon Avenue

Considering the number of lawsuits filed against these men for lead paint violations, we’re shocked that neither of them have been stripped of their professional licenses.  Time for MDE and DLLR to get on the ball and make sure these two men are no longer able to wreak this kind of havoc on YOUR community.



  1. Maxwell C. Cohen, Esq.

    It would seem that you are confusing one’s duties as a Resident Agent with what a lead abatement contractor does. They are neither mutually exclusive nor tied together in any way. Get your facts straight if you want to or choose to malign anyone, particularly if you choose to do so in an anonymous (some might submit cowardly) fashion. If anyone wants ACCURATE information on Mr. Runkles, I will be glad to provide it on his behalf. Only sincere inquiries will be responded to.

    Regards, Maxwell C. Cohen, Esq.

    • slumlordwatch

      A resident agent serves as a person who receives court papers on behalf of a corporation. Mr. Runkles is the resident agent for multiple Rochkind-controlled shell corporations, and also a lead abatement contractor. We find it a little odd that someone who works as a lead abatement contractor would have such close ties to someone who is the defendant in hundreds of lead paint lawsuits.

  2. Maxwell C. Cohen, Esq.

    Your response, anonymous though it may be, is duly noted though your point escapes me. Maybe the nexus is that someone who owns properties in the City might have to undertake rehabilitation of said properties and, as such, in some cases, this might entail dealing with lead abatement issues. I was under the impression that cleaning up properties was something to be encouraged. As your slogan pithily summarizes your mantra, “if you own property in Baltimore City, clean it up.”

    • slumlordwatch

      Cleaning them up is indeed the goal. However, it would seem your client (friend?) Mr. Runkles is part of the problem, and not part of the solution. Mr. Rochkind is the subject of over 400 lawsuits, most of them for lead paint violations. Not exactly the kind of guy a lead abatement contractor needs to be closely associated with, especially when you consider how many of those lawsuits he’s also named a defendant.

  3. Maxwell C. Cohen, Esq.

    I am not going to engage in further discourse with an unknown party. If you want to email me directly, feel free to do so, provided of course you identify yourself. Good day.

  4. WorstBlogEver

    I’ve stumbled upon this blog before.

    What’s the point? To post pictures of vacant properties?

    You have quite a task ahead of you, and GOOD LUCK.

    Mr. Runkles is a good guy also, your take on this is what it is, but Bud is actually out there seeing that things are done right.

    Im sure none of those lawsuits are frivolous either….

    • slumlordwatch

      Interesting that you would say that Mr. Runkles is “actually out there seeing that things are done right”. Look at the pictures — does it LOOK as though someone’s doing something right?

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