115, 117, and 119 N. Carrollton Avenue

115 and 117 N. Carrollton Avenue are both owned by the Mayor and City Council, 417 E. Fayette Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

However, the last property, 119 N. Carrollton, has an interesting twist.

Property Address:  119 N. Carrollton Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21223

Property Owner:  USA Mortgage Wholesalers, LLC, 10811 Red Run Boulevard #200, Owings Mills, MD 21117 (Corporation is not in good standing with the State of Maryland).

Registered Agent for USA Mortgage Wholesalers, LLC:  Stewart D. Sachs, 10075 Red Run Boulevard, #201, Owings Mills, MD 21117

City Council District and Contact for 115, 117, and 119 N. Carrollton Avenue:  District 9, Agnes Welch

115, 117, and 119 N. Carrollton Avenue

Stewart Sachs, the resident agent for USA Mortgage Wholesalers is also the same Stewart Sachs who was one of two people ordered to pay restitution in a 2009 mortgage fraud scheme.  Currently, Mr. Sachs is (or has been) the defendant in foreclosures, lead paint lawsuits, and other civil suits in just about every county in Maryland.  Hopefully the authorities will catch up with this fraudster and put him in a place where he can’t cheat or hurt others.


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