Johns Hopkins University-Owned Block of Blight

To add to the irony…the following homes are owned by the Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2007 E. Monument Street, Baltimore, MD 21205

City Council District and Contact:  District 13, Warren Branch

603 and 605 N. Castle Street

607 and 609 N. Castle Street

616 and 618 N. Castle Street

620 and 622 N. Castle Street

619-625 N. Castle Street

629 N. Castle Street



  1. Esquared

    I’m wondering if you know anything about this rumor/urban legend I’ve heard about Hopkins and blighted houses. Essentially, what I heard is that when Hopkins was in the beginning stages of the biotech park project, they went around and bought up a bunch of houses on different blocks and let them deteriorate and become blighted in order to bring the housing prices on the blocks down. That way the “fair market value” of the remaining houses would be less for when they acquired them through emminent domain.

  2. Baltimore Slumlord Watch

    I think that may have been a small part of it, but I don’t think they deliberately tried to deflate real estate prices. There were other factors in the deterioration of these neighborhoods, and while JHU certainly didn’t help matters…I don’t think they were the only cause.

  3. Chester Street

    What can we do to encourage JHU to develop these properties? They have owned some of them since 1999. JHU currently own 14 houses and one vacant lot in this block. Baltimore City owns 611 N Chapel. That leaves only 4 houses and 1 vacant lot in private hands in the block. It would be very beneficial for the residents in this area to know what JHU plans to do with these properties.

    • slumlordwatch

      I have found that public outrage can be a big motivator. Unfortunately, the public has no idea who owns most of these properties, and for how long.

  4. Chester Street

    I have written to Councilman Warren Branch about these properties and asked him if he is aware of any development plans in the 600 block of N Castle St. I’ll add comments when I hear back.

  5. Chester Street

    Around the corner from the 600 Block of N Castle Street Johns Hopkins Hospital own anothe boarded up property at 507 N Chester Street. It is immediately next to the Hospital’s Maternity and Womens Heath Care Center.

    • chester street

      It is my understanding that Johns Hopkins has requested bids to demolish the Womens Health Care Center and the next three vacant houses on Chester Street just north of Jefferson. One of the bidders said the project is on a fast track and work should start in 30 days or so.

  6. Chester Street

    Councilman Branch reports that Johns Hopkins plans the demolish all of the properties they own in the 600 block of N Castle Street. The land will be converted to green space and the demolition is expected to start in 6 to 12 months.

  7. owlchick

    Well. About the only good thing I can say about this particular set is how uniformly the doors and windows are boarded up. Very tidy, and matchy-matchy.


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