2801 Orleans Street

Property Address:  2801 Orleans Street, Baltimore, MD 21224

Property Owner:  Nathan and April Jones, same address

City Council District and Contact:  District 13, Warren Branch

The city filed a Foreclosure Right of Redemption against this property in October 2007 and was awarded the right to foreclose in March 2010.

2801 Orleans Street

Trash in the rear of 2801 Orleans Street

2081 Orleans Street, rear



  1. Maxwell C. Cohen, Esq.

    So, your grievance apparently lies with the City of Baltimore for not taking title out of the foreclosure on a timely basis and failing to maintain their property, is that correct? Because no one who has been divested of their equitable ownership rights as a result of entry of a final order foreclosing the equity of redemption would be wise to fix up a property they no longer truly own. Why don’t you take it up with the powers that be at the City and report on your progress. I would certainly applaud your efforts in that vein. Keep us posted.

      • Maxwell C. Cohen, Esq.

        An excellent point, Mr. Slumlordwatch man, but it now becomes a question of who the responsible party is to rectify the current property condition. Would you effect repairs to an auto you sold two years previously? Of course not. If the City wanted the property, which apparently they did in that they filed the tax sale foreclosure suit, and were able to obtain ownership for literally tenths of pennies on the dollar, then they should first, take title, and second, act like law abiding property owners.

      • slumlordwatch

        “Mr. Slumlordwatch Man”? Mr. Cohen, you’re an attorney, so I’m assuming you’re not a five year old. Although I do find it amusing that you assume I’m a man.

        Yes, I expect the city to act as a responsible property owner — however, the former owners weren’t so hot, either.

    • Maxwell C. Cohen, Esq.

      Not sure what your comment means within the context of this property. I certainly am sure that I don’t really care Rusty. All I was saying is the City of Baltimore has undertaken steps to ameliorate this situation but has not followed through with any degree of finality. What that has to do with a wagon escapes me.

  2. Maxwell C. Cohen, Esq.

    Why don’t you identify yourself so I will not have to assume. That said, since the prior owners were divested of their ownership rights (although the City has yet to record a deed), obviously they were having financial issues. So to opine that they were not so “hot” is a form of piling on. Now it is the City’s obligation to step up and either fix up the property or get it in the hands of someone who will. Whining about it won’t help. Being proactive will. Why don’t you volunteer to fix things up if it rankles you so greatly.

    • slumlordwatch

      Nobody’s whining, Mr. Cohen. I am informing the public as to the cause of some of the blight in our city.

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