854 Carroll Street

Property Address:  854 Carroll Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

Property Owner:  Talbot Consulting, LLC, 10075 RedRun Boulevard, #201, Owings Mills, MD 21117

Resident Agent for Talbot Consulting, LLC:  Stewart D. Sachs, same address

City Council District and Contact:  District 11, William Cole

854 Carroll Street

Please note the lack of a roof, exposing this house to the elements — the houses on either side of this blighted mess are occupied.  The resident agent for this corporation was ordered to pay restitution in a 2009 mortgage fraud scam, is the resident agent for many shell LLCs that own blighted vacant properties (and we suspect he’s the owner of most of them, not just the resident agent), and the defendant in a number of lead paint and foreclosure lawsuits.  You can read more about Stewart Sachs here.



  1. Pete from Baltimore

    I worked around the corner from this house and definitly remember walking by it.It looked like it was going to fall down.As i recall, the owners had taken out the beams that hold a house together.This happened a lot in Pigtown. I havnt seen it done in any other neighborhood as much.

    If you want to replace a floor , you can only take the supporting beams out one floor at a time.

    A lot of these “investors” got loans from the bank as soon as the demolition part of the job was done.I do interior demolition for a living.And i remember someof the investors being in a huge hurry to get the demolition phase done so that the bank guys could come by and take a photo.Once that was done the “investor” could get his loan.

    I was surprised when i walked by some of the houses a few months later and saw that no work had been done since i had done my part of th e project.

    I think that many of the “investors” had no plans to rehab the houses.They just put the loan money somewhere safe and off the books and then declared bankruptcy and walked away from thier no money down “investment”.

    Pigtown seems to have had this happen a lot. i know of no other nieghborhood that has that many abandoned houses that were obviously bought and “gutted”.

    The abandoned houses in other neighborhoods tend to have been abandoned for a while and havent been touched for years. Almost all of the Pigtown houses that are abandoned have been worked on to some degree within the last 5 years

    • slumlordwatch

      Pete, I think you’re right about the houses in Pigtown. Very few of them have been abandoned for decades — most have had some work done to them, before the owners walked away. It’s really a shame, especially since the City seems to do nothing to discourage this behavior.

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