1457 Hull Street

Property Address:  1457 Hull Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

Property Owner:  1457 Hull St., LLC, 1518 Grooms Lane, Woodstock, MD 21163

Resident Agent for 1457 Hull St., LLC:  Paul Timmins, 1518 Grooms Lane, Woodstock, MD 21163

City Council District and Contact:  District 10, Edward Reisinger

1457 Hull Street

1457 Hull Street, Rear

Many thanks to Reader WM for his submission — this property needs help!

Reader WM says “The house has been like this since before the two blizzards we got last year.  The 2nd one caused the roof to finish collapsing.  The neighbor said his heating bill has been 3x normal. Its obvious they were not careful in demo’ing the old structure or whatever it is they were trying to do.”

A quick check reveals there is only one current permit on this property (COM2010-14919) — all others have expired.  Hopefully neighbors will stay on top of this issue, and make sure the property is either repaired or condemned quickly.



  1. Pete from Highlandtown

    I work in construction doing interior demolitions in Baltimore rowhouses.And i have to say that out of the 200 houses that i have worked on in the past 15 years , only about 4 or 5 had the floors completly removed.Yet in many of the houses that you show , both floors have been removed.

    Some may have fire or water damage.But i honestly think that in a lot of cases the guys simply dont know what the heck that they are doing

    When i do remove floors , i do it one floor at a time.I remove the second floor. And then the carpenters come in the next day to replace it. Then, and only then,, do i take out the first floor.

    Any house that has both floors and floor joists taken out for long periods of time, are extremly dangerous to the houses next door.

    I know that its not the neighbors fault or resonsibility.But they should either brace thier walls themselves, or pay someone else to do it.

    Near the top of thier roofs there is a space between the top bricks and the roof. Since the scum bags that did the demolition didnt put plastic or insulation up, the cold air is shooting straight into thier houses .

    They need to have insulation[the pink kind] stuck in the gap.And they need plastic sheeting going all of the way from the top of thier roofs to the ground

    Once again, i know its not thier esponsibility.But the reality is that they will face very high BGE bills. And also have birds nest between thier roof and 2nd floor cieling.And they will risk collapse of thier houses if the walls arent boarded up.

    For some reason , the practice of removing both floors and leaving it that way was very popular in the Pigtown area. You see it a little bit elsewhere in the City.But not at the same level.

  2. Pete from Highlandtown

    I should add that the space between the roof and the brick wall is often hard to see from the ground.But its often a foot or more tall.Thats a very large gap

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