What’s That Red X?

A couple of our astute readers noticed strange symbols being painted on vacants around town and asked about them — we’re curious, too, so we asked around.

1623 and 1625 E. North Avenue

Apparently the red X means that firefighters should not enter the building if called to a fire, as the building is structurally unsound.  Hopefully the city’s fire fighters are aware of this…

Update: Received this article from Reader BB, who is also a fire fighter.  Thanks, BB, for the additional information!

Update:  Here’s more information from WBAL’s Jayne Miller.



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  2. stuntmidget

    So is Baltimore Housing also placing these places on that expedited demolition list it developed a few years back? Or is the city content to wait for a partial collapse and pay a couple grand extra for “emergency service” from Pless Jones?

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