724 N. Collington Avenue: Updated

Update:  Never mind…this house, and the one next door, collapsed as the result of a natural gas explosion.

Property Address:  724 N. Collington Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21205

Property Owner:  Rowena Bracetty, same address.

City Council District and Contact:  District 13, Warren Branch

724 N. Collington Avenue



  1. Pete from Highlandtown

    The thing that saddens me about Baltimore, isnt the rows of empty rowhouses.Those can be , and will be, bulldozed.But what saddens me is abandoned houses like this, sitting right next to obviously well kept up houses[ the one on the right is well kept up]. You see this in many areas.Pigtown especaily has blocks with a blue collar family living in a house, next to a sect.8 house, which is next to an abandoned house, which is next to a rehabbed house worth $300,000. All on the same block.

    Thats why i dont think that the bulldozing clearence methods being used by Cleaveland and Detroit would help Baltimore much. They have mainly single family detached homes that are made of wood.We have rowhouses that are made of brick and are interconnected with each other.Plus, most of our brick rowhouses are in fairly good structual shape.They just need fixing up

    I just did an interior demolition on a house in Fells Point with severe structual problems. But since its in Fells Point, its was in the investor’s interest to buy it and deal with the structual problems. Its not the houses that are the problems.Its the crime in the neighborhoods that prevent people from wanting to buy them and fix them up

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