2101 Druid Hill Avenue

Property Address:  2101 Druid Hill Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217

Property Owner:  Johnny Stith, 2212 Louise Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21214

City Council District and Contact:  District 11, William Cole

This property has been owned by the above-named slumlord since 2003.  My assumption is he has no intentions of fixing up the place, preferring to let it rot — what a shame, as it’s quite a grand old building.

2101 Druid Hill Avenue

Side view of 2101 Druid Hill Avenue



  1. Rusty Shackleford

    It looks like Mr. Stith is a thug and deadbeat too. Guns, illegal drugs, and unpaid hospital bills.

    • slumlordwatch

      I know, right? Some of these houses are AMAZING. The architecture — they just don’t make houses like that anymore. And to see them rotting away…it’s infuriating. Can you imagine what the interiors once looked like???

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