222 S. Augusta Avenue

Property Address:  222 S. Augusta Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21229

Property Owner:  Fritz Gerald Guerin and Fabienne Joseph, 506 Old Orchard Road, Baltimore, MD 21229

City Council District and Contact:  District 8, Helen Holton

This home is in a neighborhood with similar homes — large, porch-front homes with yards…really lovely homes.  Except so many of them have been chopped up to make apartment/rooming houses, and many are abandoned.  It’s really a shame — this could be a beautiful neighborhood.

222 S. Augusta Avenue



  1. Bob Kean

    I used to live nearby 1976-86 until I moved to northern part of town. There was a lot of positive activity and then it died. It is a shame. The business district died then the rest slowly decayed. There are still some nice houses left but the market values prevailing will never support substantial ongoing capital investment, maintenance and repair..

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      It really is a shame. It’s a beautiful neighborhood (if you can look past the blight) and a great location. I’ve met some really nice residents, too, who would love to see their neighborhood improve. So many of these neighborhoods in Baltimore…and most have been forgotten by the city — I feel sometimes that luxury condos are more important than people, and that’s sad.

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