Crime Apparently Pays in Baltimore

Another homeowner bites the dust, folks.  His home was broken into — via a hole the thieves busted into the adjoining wall of a vacant.  (Pics below).  Over $2500 worth of belongings were stolen.  The homeowner packed up and hit the road — understandable, if you ask me.  Can you imagine coming home to a giant hole in the wall and your belongings gone???

The owner of the vacant (110 S. Arlington Street, Baltimore, MD 21223):  Germania Hernandez, 4606 27th Street #2, Mt. Ranier, MD 20712.

Photos of the hole in the neighboring home:

Hole from the vacant

Closeup view



    • slumlordwatch

      The house pictured is the one the homeowner lived in — the house was gutted and redone. And for all I know, so was the one next door — my guess is they knocked out the brick in the vacant. It’s easy to do — in my house, there’s only one course of bricks between my neighbor’s building and mine. I could easily smash through with a hammer, and I’m not a big person. You’re talking about old brick with old crumbly mortar.

  1. James Byrne

    I understand that the house broken into (house pictured) did not have a fire wall on the third floor – hence facilitating breaking through the wall by the thieves. According to City records the house was recently renovated in 2006/2007 by NCT Baltimore, LLC and that West Baltimore developer Chris Taylor is one of the owners of the firm along with Daniel S. Chase and John L. Neely.

  2. CR

    The house at 112 s. Arlington which was broken into has been sold to a new owner.

    Sadly, the nuisance property next doot at 110 s. Arlington has not been maintained. The city is on her case now.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      Good…glad to know the city is on it. There was no excuse for that to happen. We lost a good neighbor because of that break-in.

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