City-Owned Blight: 2302 and 2304 E North Avenue

Property Address:  2302 and 2304 E North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21213

Property Owner:  Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) PO Box 1917, Baltimore, MD 21203

City Council District and Contact:  District 12, Carl Stokes

2302 and 2304 E North Avenue


One comment

  1. Pete from Highlandtown

    North Ave has huge amounts of vacant houses. A lot are burnt out.And seem to have been for a while[ive lived here since 94] .I honestly have wondered if they were burnt out in the 68 riots .

    I do interior demolitions.And i just bid on two jobs that were a couple of blacks south of North Ave. I was surprised to be called for a job in that area.But there looks like there is a tiny bot of rehabbing going on in the area between Penn Station and North Ave[i believe its now refered to as “Station North”]

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