Please Help Someone Who Serves Our City

On February 22nd, Baltimore City firefighter and medic Meredith Brothers (assigned to Medic 12) and his family lost everything in a house fire in East Baltimore.  He and his wife have a two-year-old daughter — thankfully they are safe and unharmed, but they are in need of clothing and financial assistance.

You can drop off donations to the IAFF Local 734 Union Hall — please make checks or money orders out to Meredith Brothers.  His daughter wears a size 2T/3T, if you would like to donate clothing.  The Union Hall is located at 1202 Ridgeley Street, just west of M&T Bank Stadium.  You can call the union at 410-234-0734 for more information.

This family has lost literally everything they own — please be generous, and show these folks that in Baltimore, we take care of our own.  Especially those who risk their lives every day for us.



    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      Hi, sorry — I have no idea. I would contact the union hall and see if they have that information. Thanks in advance for your generosity!

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