WWJD? 3119 E Baltimore Street — Reader-Submitted Blight

Property Address:  3119 E Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21224

Property Owner:  Carl Hubble Stilwell, Jr, 1227 Rustic Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21237

City Council District and Contact:  District 1, Jim Kraft

Carl Stilwell is the owner-proprietor of Stilwell Plumbing- a so-called “Christian Owned & Operated Business” (as they claim in the commercials that they run on WBAL Channel 11). Somehow, I believe that Jesus would frown upon Mr. Stilwell’s slumlord history- which includes numerous appearances in Housing Court for code violations and drug nuisance cases. 3119 E Baltimore St has been vacant since one of his former tenants died of a drug overdose.

Thanks to Reader Rusty for this submission!

It may not look that bad from the front...

...but in the back, this home is a blighted mess.

Boarded up rear door.

Crumbling cinder blocks in the rear window -- a perfect entry point for rats.


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