Reader Submitted Blight: 1138 N Longwood Street

Property Address:  1138 N Longwood Street, Baltimore, MD 21216

Property Owner:  Sharron D Little, same address

City Council District and Contact:  District 9, Pete Welch

1138 N Longwood Street, note broken upstairs window

Broken front door, easy access for vermin and criminals.

It's kind of hard to see...but those are drug vials you're looking at. Lots of them. And that's just one morning's haul.

“Reader LG” had this to say about a home in his neighborhood:  “1138 N. Longwood St., with no door and broken windows. It is serving as a breeding ground for rats that are infesting the entire neighborhood. It is extremely frustrating to see this neighborhood in such a wretched state.”

We share your frustration, and we hope your letter to your City Councilman, Pete Welch, does some good. Please keep us posted on your progress! Thank you for your submission!


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