2040 Harford Road

Property Address:  2040 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21218

Property Owner:  Yusang Chung and Kyung A Chung 1043 S Hanover Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

City Council District and Contact:  District 12, Carl Stokes

2040 Harford Road

As I was taking this photo, I was approached by an elderly woman and her son — “They need to tear that down!”, she said.  “Yes ma’am they do.”, I replied. She then inquired whether I worked for the city, and I said that no, I don’t.  Her son asked if I was buying the building — he seemed hopeful, and his hopes were quickly dashed when I said that no, I am not buying the building.

Apparently the woman and her son lived in the neighborhood for quite some time, as she regaled me with a list of businesses that had come and gone — it’s now next door to a shiny new-ish Family Dollar, and the building’s in bad shape.  “Rain gets in there.  The water probably pours in through the roof.”  She then asked me to do her a favor.  “You send that picture to the city in an email and tell them to tear it down.”

So, ma’am in the bright pink outfit — this post is for you.  Trust me, the city will hear about it.



  1. Leben unglaublich (@Rhiannon_Rising)

    What a great little story. As usual, thanks for being the voice for the little guy(s). This crap impacts EVERYONE!

    Have you looked into much of the bank-owned blight? I’ve got a good story for you if that sort of thing is of interest.

    (Apologies if this comment turns up twice; WordPress is being pissy.)

  2. Wrecks

    In doing my own investigation of blight in Baltimore, I found Yusang Chung’s name on at least three more buildings in Federal Hill alone. This seems like Baltimore’s version of hoarders.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      So funny — this is maybe the third time “property hoarding” has been the topic of conversation this week. It popped up again today.

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