WWJD? 23 N Fremont Avenue

Property Address:  23 N Fremont Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21223

Property Owner:  Carter’s Temple Church of God in Christ, Inc., same address.

Resident Agent for Carter’s Temple: Alice G. Pinderhughes, 201 N. Charles Street, Suite 1600, Baltimore, MD 21201

City Council District and Contact:  District 11, William Cole

23 N Fremont Avenue



  1. Melissa

    Who owns a law firm at that address: http://www.alicegpinderhugheslaw.com/

    She spells ecclesiastical incorrectly on her website, btw.

    She had enough cash to give out some nice political contributions, according to the Maryland Elections Center (the mother died in 2005):

    Donor Amount Recipient Date Received
    PINDERHUGHES, ALICE $50 McFadden, Nathaniel J. for Senate 10/23/2009
    PINDERHUGHES, ALICE $150 Stringer, Pat Committee To Elect Judge 04/26/2007
    Pinderhughes, Alice $1000 Dixon, Sheila Friends For 09/09/2007
    Pinderhughes, Alice $150 Judges, Baltimore County Sitting, Slate 05/05/2010
    Pinderhughes, Alice $200 Sarbanes, Michael Friends Of 09/07/2007
    Pinderhughes, Alice $100 Smith, Elizabeth Citizens For 07/12/2007
    Pinderhughes, Alice $250 Orphan’s Court Campaign Committee Slate 06/04/2010
    Pinderhughes, Alice $200 Rawlings-Blake, Stephanie For Baltimore 09/07/2007

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      There are several typos/grammar errors on her website. I was a little shocked.

      And perhaps she should use some of that money to help the church fix these properties, as they’re a stone’s throw from the UMD Biopark — maybe they’re hoping to flip the properties to the University of Maryland and make a fast buck? Again, this only reiterates to me the reasoning behind making churches pay taxes.

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