Nonprofit Plans to Renovate Hundreds of Baltimore Homes

According to a Baltimore Sun article, Builders of Hope, a North Carolina-based nonprofit chosen by Ray Lewis, will be renovating hundreds of homes in Baltimore City — near Johns Hopkins University in East Baltimore.

Unfortunately, like most “good news” in Baltimore, this also comes with a tinge of scandal — Builders of Hope is also in an ongoing dispute with the City of New Orleans and two contractors, allegedly for nonpayment of invoices.

Hopefully the City will employ a vetting process before spending taxpayer money on a project that needs a closer look.

Update:  In two articles from June 2012 and October 2012, The Lens (think Baltimore Brew, only in New Orleans) published articles further detailing the contentious relationship between the city of New Orleans and Builders of Hope.



  1. bestcrabcakeever

    If you read this story, it seems that this group has alotted $100,000 per home, except that these are 3-level above ground homes, where the cost is going to be closer to $300,000. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      There’s no way the project costs for this should be $300K per home. No wonder they might be having trouble paying their bills — which was the point of the article.

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