3502 Echodale Avenue

Property Address:  3502 Echodale Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21214

Property Owner:  Christine Tsiotsias, same address.

City Council District and Contact:  District 3, Robert Curran

While the owner’s name and address have not been changed in the Maryland tax database, according to the notice on the front door, the property is now under the management of Bank of America.  It’s apparent they’re not maintaining the property, as it’s boarded up and overgrown — what a shame.

3502 Echodale Avenue

Vacant dwelling notice on 3502 Echodale Avenue, instructing people to report issues with the home to Bank of America.

3502 Echodale Avenue, side view

Again, many thanks to “Reader RJW” for the info and photos!



  1. dan

    3502 Echodale Avenue was boared up originally by the family after the owner was deceased to keep the ex-husband out of the home where he does not belong.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      Good to know — thanks. Does the owner have any heirs? Anyone who could maintain the home?

      • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

        That happens a lot — or there are no heirs at all. What’s sad, though, is there’s no plan for the owner’s assets — the home could have been donated to charity…or something. Just thinking off the top of my head — seems like a good reason to have a will and do a little pre-planning before your one large asset falls into ruin.

  2. dan

    I am in agreement completely.

    Thank you so much for this web-site. We, as the people of Baltimore and as the people of Maryland, pass by these building and homes on a daily basis throughout life…..maybe some notice….maybe some do not notice. With our tax dollars increasing yealy or increasing by way of “subject to increase without notice” there is no excuse for what is happening.
    As I get older, I realize this is about profit more than it is about having priciples and ethics within ones life.
    I do not believe during grade and high school I was taught the real definition of living in the land of opportunity.
    When did living in the land of opportunity mean “Everyone has the ability to become successful by legally screwing over everyone fellow Marylander or American to further my own bank account”.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      I agree. With so many out of work, or faced with a home that’s worth next to nothing…or losing a home altogether — seeing these abandoned properties only makes it worse. We waste and destroy so much — and to what end?

  3. Joe

    property was not boarded up to keep husband out! it was because associates of the owner knew of the situation, and busted in front door and window and side door. they were staying in house after she was gone. and were allowed in while she was there! they took advantage of her passing away, I know exactly what happen. I have talked to the neighbors the bank, and was also given combination to lock box and key. by the bank, was boarded by the bank, why someone would say (to keep ex- husband out) I believe I know who it was, it could only be one person who is so greedy of what is left. two persons where on her will, christinas will was made 29 years ago , since then she was married , and had a child who was 16 at the time of her death , will was never re-written , if there was not so much owed on house, beneficiaries would of tried to keep house ,no money was ever given to him, nothing was ever offered, if want to know more, write me , I am her husband, not EX.

    • Dan

      Joe, I would like to apologize, I am sure there will always be misguided information regarding all situations.
      I received information from a friend who I know for thirteen (13) years and visit regularly, residing still and for the past fifty (50) years as a neighbor within one (1) block of 3502 Echodale Avenue. This individual referred to you as the “ex-husband” due to nature of the cohabitation taking place at said address and conversations this individual had with Christine and/or with family members. This individual, also stated the property/house was once owned by Christine’s grandparents. Apparently, this individual was incorrect by stating you were Christine’s ex-husband, when in fact you are a widower. My deepest sympathies to you on the loss of Christine.
      Unfortunately, according to the notice on the front door, the property is now under the management of Bank of America. This notice combined with your statement, “if there was not so much owed on house”, has me asking (and I am respectfully asking this question) if a loan was out on the property, and if so, the mortgage insurance did not pay off? Could have, during the time of loss, anyone over looked some paperwork or clause regarding insurance if it existed?

  4. jillian silveira

    this property is so overgrown that it is blocking sight lines when making a right hand turn onto walther from echodale

    • Dan

      I agree with you completely. My friend lives within a block of the address and has made many calls to Bank of America with no response of maintaining the property. So, my friend
      placed a call to Baltimore City to contact Bank of America directly about the property. Our taxes (if you reside in the city limits as I do) paid for Baltimore City to clean the trash/debris and cut-back the overgrown everything accumulating on the property grounds of a Bank of America “managed” property. However, it appears still, the property is overgrown except for the grass. Any suggestions?

      • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

        It would be nice if these banks had to pay into a fund that reimbursed municipalities for maintenance.

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