BCFD Was Here: 413, 419, and 423 Whitridge Avenue

Thanks to Reader M for the photos!

Imagine living in one of these occupied homes, next to a structurally unsound vacant.  Note the red placards placed by the fire department to indicate a structural hazard — would you want that home as your next-door neighbor?

413, 419, and 423 Whitridge Avenue, unsafe vacants that could collapse — dotted between occupied homes.

Owner of 413 Whitridge Avenue:  Bruno Mpoko-Grela, PO Box 2949, Montgomery Village, MD 20886 or 17 Granite Place, #380, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Closeup of 419 Whitridge — the rear of this home, and the roof, have caved in. Only the front facade remains.

Owner of 419 Whitridge Avenue:  Equity Trust Co., 5401 Elsrode Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21214/Terry Trimble and Janet Marnien-Trimble, same address.

Owner of 423 Whitridge Avenue:  Mayor and City Council, 417 E Fayette Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

City Council District and Contact: District 12, Carl Stokes



  1. whitridge owner

    I live on the block. Terry has rehabbed multiple properties 401,415,414,433, 427, 424. Its the real estate market that is holding him back, he also has done improvements on the block to other properties that are not his pro bono (like for elderly people). Terry also is trying, and does sell his shells- just sold 419 and it is getting fixed up. Dr Grela M’poko is definetly a little crazy, he is trying to sell 413 for $40k (a crappy shell, should be about $10k like all the other ones.) he avoids fines from the city by stating that he is trying to sell the property, but i cant seem to find it on any MRIS system. Another real slum lord-454 whitridge ave (Jae Lee of Ellicott city) the owner of the liquor store behind it, which is a DUMP, and he stores liquor in 454 whitridge (i dont think thats legal…) boarded up, grafitti, busted windows, busted awning, and crime at that corner continuously. that guy needs to go out of business, he makes money off of human suffering and doesnt give back….

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      Glad to know the guy who owns these homes has good intentions — but the homes need to either get cleaned up or sold, period. Real estate market or no real estate market, nobody has the right to leave our communities in this condition.

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