WWJD? 2504 Jefferson Street – Reader Submitted Blight

Property Address: 2504 Jefferson Street, Baltimore, MD 21205

Property Owner: New Lebanon Calvary Baptist Church, 501 N Milton Ave, Baltimore, MD 21205

City Council District and Contact: District 13, Warren Branch

State Senator: Nathaniel McFadden

State Delegates: Talmadge Branch, Cheryl Glenn, Hattie Harrison

Many thanks again to “Reader Rusty” for this submission! According to Reader Rusty, New Lebanon also used to own 2506 & 2508 Jefferson Street, which have since been razed and were sold for a whopping $3,500 in October 2010.

2504 Jefferson Street

2504 Jefferson Street, side view




  1. Benjamin burton

    I can not believe this house is in such condition that it is. I just googles this address to see who owned it, to maybe possibly purchasing the house. I praticly spent my whole childhood in this house. Most of my fondest memories were made in this house. As I sit here with a tear rolling down my cheek from the pics I have just viewed, I hope and pray that this house still has some life left in it to give another child some fond memories. I really do not want to see this house torn down.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      I’m so sorry you have to see your childhood home in such terrible shape — that makes me angry. I really wish the city would stop allowing these churches to buy property, only to let them continue to decline.

      • Benjamin burton

        Thank you for your sympathy. I have already contacted the church about the property and depending what they say, I will take this as far as I have to in order to stop the steady decay of such a great city. I spend a lot of time in the city for work and it makes me sick to my stomach to see what it has become.

      • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

        Please keep me posted on how this goes — I may also want to write about this, if you don’t mind. Feel free to email me.

      • Benjamin burton

        I don’t mind at all if you write about it actually I would be honored if you did.

      • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

        Fantastic — I just sent you an email. Feel free to add more info besides what I asked for.

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