Troubled Nonprofit-Owned Apartment Building Condemned

An apartment building owned by Prisoners Aid Association of Maryland was condemned last month and residents were ordered to move immediately — housing inspectors found the building, located at 6010 Marjorie Lane in NE Baltimore to be uninhabitable.  The building is also being foreclosed on, one of many properties owned by Prisoners Aid that are being foreclosed on.

Frank Marchant, the director of Prisoners Aid, is also the owner of another company that has been sued by creditors — A Top 1, Inc. (not in good standing, corporate charter has been forfeited), he is also the owner of Marchant Media in Cockeysville, which appears to not be registered with the State Department of Assessments and Taxation.

Baltimore City funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to Marchant’s organization, yet for many of the properties Prisoners Aid owns in Baltimore, including emergency shelters — many of the mortgages have gone unpaid.  According to an April 2012 Baltimore Sun article, the City stopped paying Prisoners Aid because Marchant refused to provide documentation for how and where the money was spent.



  1. cherly wood

    frank merchant stole money and his partner william buie both are i9n this together the mayor new about downtown cover ups kate berdell is behind knowing of the sealing i will be talking to city paper to clear the frank merchant did not care about how there living condtions just loves to seal money. downtown sent money and mr. frank merchant brought lawnmovers beauty salon equitment etc. the truth will be told im glad somebody will get the bottom of this

  2. cherly wood

    how could mike brown karen ackwood frank merchant william buie sell and no body cares thats why the place shut down due to sealind.

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