Oh So Pretty We’re Vacant

Spent part of the afternoon at the city’s failed Old Town Mall, a pedestrian mall with no intuitive access points, and clusters of vacant buildings.
The city has been trying to redevelop this property for years — with no progress. At present, it’s an open-air drug market and a haven for trash and grime.

Hopefully this area will receive the attention it deserves — at the very least, the city should clean and maintain it so it is less of an eyesore.

In the meantime…a beautification project:



  1. owlchick

    My friend and I stumbled onto the property when I turned right instead of left one dark and rainy night. Talk about surreal! We kept asking each other if we were really seeing this place.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      I think that’s how most people come across it — they stumble onto it without meaning to. It’s an odd place, behind the correctional complex, a sort of no-man’s land. It’s no wonder the pedestrian mall concept failed miserably — there are no easy/safe ways to get to it unless you’re driving…and even then, it’s sketchy.

  2. Laura

    It seems like that has potential to be a really neat little space…it’s a shame it’s gone to slum. Then again, I feel the same every time I pass North Avenue.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      It really is an interesting idea. I wish, however, access was easier — if the City improved access in and out of the pedestrian area, it has redevelopment potential. Leave it as is, however, and it will probably fail again.

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