Update: 441 N Montford Avenue

This home was featured on the blog back in October of 2010, and we’re happy to report it was purchased by Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake, and rehabbed.  It looks wonderful, as do all of their homes — and it’s now ready for the new homeowner to move in.

441 N Montford Avenue



  1. Leben unglaublich (@Rhiannon_Rising)

    It seems that H4H is doing this a lot around the city. Do you know that the insides of these places look like? Are they well-constructed, or do you think they’d fall apart as soon as someone moves in? I often see these houses and wish that I could say, “Oh forget it, *I* will fix the damn thing”, and it looks like that is exactly how H4H thinks. Thus, I’d love to get involved or donate, but I want to make sure its all on the level.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      Habitat for Humanity is an amazing charity, and their homes are very well-built. Keep in mind, these are not over the top homes — go to the website and see how the program works, and how you can help. If you support Habitat, you’re doing a wonderful thing.

    • Pete From Highlandtown

      I volunteered at Habitat once a week for about 5 years.And i work in construction.And Habitat’s houses are well built in my opinion. In fact the joke thats told is that Habitat’s houses are better built than most houses ,since the volunteers use more nails then they need to. And that joke is pretty much true. .If anything, Habiat’s houses are better built than many rehabs in Baltimore. They just dont have the “frills” that some of the houses in Canton,Fed Hill, ect have[Habitat houses dont have rooftop decks and granite counter tops,ect]

      A Habitat home owner works with my company[i own a small construction company].And he has lived in his house for about 4 years now.And says that he has had no problems so far

      Th e good thing about Baltimore’s HFH is that they try to rehab whole blocks.so not only do they help lower income people get homes, they also vastly improve whole neighborhoods and streets

  2. Angelique (@miscellaneaarts)

    Habitat supporter and volunteer checking in. THANK YOU, BSW, for featuring this home and the work of Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake.

    @Rhiannon — The goal of Habitat is to provide simple, decent and affordable housing, good homes that families can take pride in. So, yes, I’d say they are well built and durable. Both volunteers, professional construction staff and contract workers are involved in the build and houses, of course, pass all the normal inspections. Definitely look to get involved volunteering on site, donating funds to our local chapter or goods to any of the three ReStore locations in the Baltimore area. :)

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