Update: 1216 N Broadway

Happy to report that 1216 N Broadway was rehabbed, and is currently under contract.  This formerly blighted home is hopefully being purchased by someone who will live in it and commit to making the community a better place.

Congrats to TRF Development Partners for doing a great job.

1218 N Broadway, mentioned in the original post, is also being rehabbed by the owner mentioned in the 2011 post on these two homes, glad to see they’re finally moving forward — we’ll keep an eye on it and see how it goes.  Here’s the original post on 1216 and 1218 N Broadway.

Photo of the home today (1216 is on the left):

1216 and 1218 N Broadway, October 2012

Many thanks to “Reader SK” for the reminder and “Reader Rusty” for the photo!


One comment

  1. Benjamin Burton

    That’s a nice looking home. Glad to see someone is making some progress to better this city. Btw, I still haven’t forgot about you. You asked me about giving you some info to write a blog about 2504 E. Jefferson St. Things have just been crazy and now the holidays coming up. Just not enough time in the day. But I’ll get it to you soon. Thanks.

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