Reader-Submitted Blight: 1129 and 1131 N Milton Avenue

Property Address:  1129 and 1131 N Milton Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21205

Property Owner:  David Kuperhand, 36 Avenue O, Brooklyn, NY 11230

City Council District and Contact: District 13, Warren Branch

State Senator: Nathaniel McFadden

State Delegates: Talmadge BranchCheryl GlennHattie Harrison


1129 and 1131 N Milton Avenue

These two properties were acquired by their current owner in 2006, through the foreclosure process.



  1. Jacob

    My name is Jacob and I currently began managing this investors properties as of six months ago. I appreciate this blog as I am someone who lives in Baltimore City and understands what vacant homes mean to our city. This particular investor has done some extraordinary work to many of the homes he purchased and he continues to renovate the properties which need renovation. I think its important to note that Baltimore City makes things sometimes very difficult for an investors to properly invest and renovate and get the vacants off our city grid. Just one example of this, is the fact that he has one property which he renovated from top to bottom and it has taken him over a month to get water service. This is a small example of how the inefficiencies in the city do nothing but discourage investors from investing in Baltimore and get the vacants off our grid. Mr. Kuperhand has a cleaning crew going to all his vacants and cleaning up the properties twice a week per instructions from the city. While I appreciate the purpose of this blog, I want to make sure that this blog doesnt become a “we hate investors bashing blog”, as someone who works with investors I can assure you if not for them, our city would be in much worse shape. This doesnt mean they are all good people and all do their jobs, but I can assure you and Mr. Kuperhand is an investor we want in this city.

    Thank you for your time on this.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      Mr. Kuperhand has owned these two properties since 2007 — that’s more than ample time to have repaired them. There’s no excuse for allowing a property to rot for that length of time. How would Mr. Kuperhand enjoy seeing this kind of blight every day? I assure you, the neighbors in this community probably don’t share your rose-colored view of your boss.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      Sorry, but it doesn’t take five years to renovate two rowhomes in a marginal neighborhood. Address these properties, please.

  2. Jacob

    Your comments make the assumption Mr. Kuperhand enjoys having a vacant home sitting around doing nothing but being a blight on the community. That assumption could be nothing further from the truth. He is very frustrated he hasnt renovated these yet. I am not saying its not up to him to address the situation, but that he has taken many vacant properties in the past 5 years and renovated them. Should he address these? Of course he should, but a good part of this is that the city has been overly difficult regarding his past renovations, from something as simple as getting the water on, to inspectors not showing up for inspections when they said they would. Hes gotten fed up with the process. If I am the city, I try to make the process as least painful as possible for investors to be able to renovate properties. Of course it should all be done to code and in a safe manner, but this doesnt mean every part of the process should be a struggle. This is where the city becomes a major player in the problem of vacant housing. And if you want to suggest that perhaps he should sell them if hes fed up, the real truth and one even your blog may not be ready to accept is, YOU CANT GIVE THESE AWAY FOR FREE IF YOU WANTED TO. What kind of investor would not want to invest in such a beautiful city? The investor who knows its a struggle to just get the basics done! This is part of the problem. I await to hear your insights and once again thank you for your service to the community which I hope will go a long way in helping turn this city around.

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