Link Roundup

ABC 2 News reports a vacant caught fire and burned in SW Baltimore — according to state and city tax records, the address in question doesn’t exist.

Harriet M Taylor of Ellicott City was sentenced to two years in prison and five years supervised release for her role in a mortgage fraud scheme.

Steve Kilar from the Baltimore Sun listed all of the housing-related bills before the Maryland Legislature so far — a few look good, and a few…not so much.

The City plans to sell off the “Superblock” properties at a fraction of their actual worth, says Baltimore Brew.

Interesting discussion about the Housing Trust Fund in the New York Times — should the mortgage-interest deduction turn into a tax credit for middle- and low-income homeowners?

Five people from Maryland and one from Virginia were indicted for conspiracy in a $4.5 million mortgage fraud scheme.

Detroit revealed its 50-year redevelopment plan.  Great planning ideas, but sad to think that some of the folks who developed those ideas will never live to see them carried out.  Should cities create plans that far ahead in the future?



  1. Matt

    Last summer, Detroit’s police department warned people to stay out of the city as it wasn’t safe. I don’t think they have the ability to plan 50 days ahead, let alone 50 years.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      A friend is in Detroit now for work, and can’t wait to leave — she said the city feels creepy and unsafe, even the downtown. It’s so sad to me — it has the potential to be such a beautiful city. So many great things going for it, and their assets aren’t being used wisely. Same with Baltimore in many ways.

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