City-Owned Blight: 835 and 833 N Fremont Avenue

Property Address:  835 and 833 N Fremont Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217

Property Owner:  Mayor and City Council, 417 E Fayette Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

City Council District and Contact: District 11, William Cole

State Senator:  Verna Jones Rodwell

State Delegates:  Keith Haynes, Keiffer Mitchell Jr, Melvin Stukes

835 and 833 N Fremont Avenue

835 and 833 N Fremont Avenue



  1. Pete from Highlandtown

    I generally believe that old houses should be fixed up, instead of torn down. But you dont need to be a structual engineer to realise that these houses have to be torn down.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      Right — some of them you can tell right away. When structural elements have been exposed to fire, or exposed to the elements for a period of time — the home is a goner. Replacing the inside structure of a home is costly, and in some neighborhoods…it doesn’t make sense to dump that amount of money into a home, especially when nobody’s doing the same with the surrounding blighted homes.

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